1. 6:00 - PIZZA and Social

  2. 6:30 - Chair's Report (Hamid Sharifina)

    1. TEMS Workshop Series to be repeated this year, starting in Fall. The section should charge for this events to avoid no-shows.

    2. Student Resume Review Initiative. Collaboration between students, YP and members to create a venue for students to get their resume reviewed by seasoned professionals in the Section.
  3. 6:40 - Treasurer's Report (Russ Mickiewicz)

  4. 6:50 - Secretary's Report (Paulo Vasconcelos)

    1. Winter Social discussion. Approved December 8th, 2018 as 1st option date and December 1st, 2018 as a 2nd option. Daniel Goodrich suggested distributing some awards (maybe one technical and one volunteer) but needed more instructions on categories and the process. Ed provided the Region's link for awards. Find a family friendly place that has a projector.

    2.  Cash for Summer Social given to Hamid.

    3. Presented the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) video as requested from Region 6 Director.

    4. No filed events, the Section will send another email to remind people about non-reported email. After a week, non-reported events will be deleted from v-tools.
    5. Updated officers for all chapters and student branches.
    6. Replacement for SAC Chair, WIE Chair requested from Region 6 Director.
    7. The Section has a new ExCom format that reserves time for a Focus Presentation for a Society Chapter, Affinity Group or Student Branch present their accomplishments or plans for the future. It is a way for the ExCom to identify groups in need of help so that we can redirect resources to those groups and for members to meet each other. In the past months, we learned about what chapters/SBs have been doing and identified some additional resources that they needed. The presentation can be done online (over the WebEx) or in person and usually takes 15 - 30 min (depending on the content). The chapters left in 2018 are Education Society (ED), Solid-State Circuit Society (SSC), Signal Processing Society (SPS).
  5. 7:00 - Tonight's Focus 

    1. Student Branches: WSUV (Bryce Tabbot) and PSU AESS/RAS (Eric Ruhl).

    2. Society Chapter: None

  6. 8:00 Section Updates (Max 5 minutes per section)

    1. Ed Perkins is looking for ideas for projects for Region Meetings. OSU has a hands-on project that could be explored in an Area meeting focusing on overclocking computers and thermal management and computer science. Matt mentioned OSU could create a small competition focused on air cooled, liquid cooled and liquid nitrogen cooled computers.
    2. October 6th - NW Area meeting in Spokane for students and members. Region sponsors 2 students and the advisor to attend. The section may be able to sponsor additional students and Section members.
    3. October, 13-14th - Fall School on Nanotechnology for Education at PSU
    4. October, 14-17th - Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference
  7. Future Focus

    1. Oct: SPS?? (TBC) 

    2. Nov: TBD

    3. December: Summer Social, see everybody there!

Attendees:  Hamid Sharifnia (Chair), Paulo Vasconcelos (Secretary), John Prohodsky (Past Chair), Daniel Goodrich (PES Chair), Ken Mays (ED15/MTT17 Chair), Ed Epp (RAS Chair), Ryan Olson, Kirk Jungles (PSU SB Chair), Stephen Johnston (PSU SB Treasurer), Eric Ruhl (AESS SB Chapter Chair), Jian Guo (YP Chair), Bryce Tabbut (WSUV SB Chair), Kaleb Spencer (WSUV SB Vice-Cahir), Patrick Doukas (WSUV SB Secretary), Vishvas Chalishazar, Brian Choi.

WebEx Attendees:  Ed Perkins, Matt Harrison, Daniel Engel, Barbara, Megan Rodrigo, Joshua Gess.


Important Dates 

  • September 23-27th, 2018 - Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting at the Oregon Convention Center.
  • October 6th - NW Area meeting in Spokane.
  • October, 13-14th - Fall School on Nanotechnology for Education at PSU.
  • October, 14-17th - Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference.

Action Items 

  • Matt to send email to Ed Perkins to prepare a presentation for Region level.
  • Paulo to send an email to Chapter asking to fill event report.
  • Chapters contacts to report meeting attendance within the one-week deadline, after that events will be deleted.
  • Paulo to send email asking which Chapter will do the Focus Presentation in October and November meeting.
  • December, no meeting. Winter Social, 1st date December 8th to accommodate students who are in finals the week prior. December 1st is the second option.
  • Eric and Kaleb to send their presentation to be included in the minutes.
  • WSUV to create a Linked In post to promote their RC Airplane project and lessons learned.
  • Eric to send a blurb about one of the projects from RAS or AESS for highlight at the Region 6 level.