1. 6:00 – PIZZA and Social

  2. 6:30 – Chair's Report (Tugrul Daim)

    • Not able to report
  3. 6:40 – Treasurer's Report (Russ Mickiewicz)

    • $82K in the bank. If anyone is expecting to be reimbursed, send Russ an email.

  4. 6:50 – Secretary's Report (Paulo Vasconcelos)

    • Not able to report
  5. 7:00 – YoPro (Jay Guo) / SAC Report (Matt Harrison) / WIE (Eve Klopf)

    • YoPro
      • Self-driving car oppty for discussion (speaker from Intel)
      • Need a classroom at PSU to host the event. Work with Kirk (PSU Student Chapter Chair)
    • Women in Engineering

      • Head of Tektronix guest speaker
      • World of Speed - Maker Fair. Asking for $270 for class materials. February 23rd. 12-4p
      • Diwakar provided a table cloth/cover and some handouts
      • JohnP will be assisting. Ed will look for a copy of material from "A Day at the Capital", 2011
  6. 7:30 – Tonight's Focus

    • Region 6 + Region 4 Annual Mtg (end of January) - Tempe AZ
      • Status from Ed Perkins. ~ 150 attendees

      • Both Exec Director, President presented

      • 2 candidates for IEEE President presented

      • SK Ramesh - petition candidate. Spread the word, but not allowed to use IEEE distribution lists.

      • IEEE USA President-elect candidates

      • VP of Govt Relations

      • Numerous presentations MGA, Region 10, 7 reps, breakout sessions

      • Matt Harrison (Student Chapter) won an award

      • New President focus will be on ethics, size of membership, financial transparency, open access

      • A debate about all Societies being encouraged to provide open access to content. EU disagrees

    • NW Area Sections Meeting
      • To be held March 30 (likely in Portland, but not confirmed)
    • Technology Roadmap Workshop #1
      • 13 people attended, Only 7 submitted forms for certificates.
      • Heidi - application # for all 4 workshops is the same. It's been approved and accepted
  7. 8:00 Section Updates (Max 5 minutes per section)

    • Ed Perkins (Electronic Packaging and Systems - Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Tech Society)

      • Mtg Feb 28, a distinguished lecturer from Hong Kong
      • Recent Advances
      • Migrations to Wordpress has encountered some delays
      • Large # of DNS' is causing a problem
    • Ed Epp (Robotics and Automation Society)

      • Mtg coming up focused on building lightwave components for robots
      • Working on an open manipulator (robot arm) lab, probably in the next couple of months. Axiom is providing parts and selling them to people that are interested.
      • Working with FIRST (Robotics Competition and Tech Challenge). URL:
        • SDK - 2 android phones used for robot controller and communication. Uses Android Studio.
        • Can be very challenging for students
        • Learning model - recognize objects in the field and manipulate them. The interface is a straight forward-collect array of objects, determine a goal, and use location to control the robot.
        • Uses Tensorflow Lite. URL:
    • Carmelle Munoz (Power and Energy Society)
      • Oregon Coal Plant was discussed at the last monthly meeting
    • OIT Chapter Update
      • 2/20: Steve McGowan - USB standards and protocols - guest speaker
      • 2/26: raspberry pi workshop
    • Circuits & Systems Society
      • Getting started - had 3 meetings last year
      • Check vTools for upcoming events
    • Ed Perkins: Sustech Conference
      • 2020 to be held in April
      • Maybe 2021 to be held in Portland
    • Computer Society Status

      • Background: starting up again to reestablish the chapter.
      • Need to submit a petition.
      • Need at least 2 meetings a year
      • Put together a plan to make being a member worthwhile
      • Co-chair now in Austin
      • Get together with Diwakar to understand recruiting members
      • Screening speakers? Some campuses have processes that need to be followed
        • Hawthorn Farms auditorium doesn't screen the speaker
      RichardD to research for Sohrab
  8. Future Focus

    Mar: Computer Society and OITW SB

    Apr: TBD

    May: TBD

Attendees:  Russ Mickiewicz (Treasurer), John Prohodsky (Past Chair), Jian Guo (YP Chair), Rick Smith (PACE Chair), Carmelle Munoz (PES Chair), David Rubenstein (PES Vice Chair), Ed Epp (RAS Chair), Eve Klopf (WIE Chair), Farhana Sheikh (SSCS Chair), Richard Dorrance (SSCS Vice Chair), Heidi DeGarmo, Sohrab Aftabjahani, Ed Perkins, Eric, David Rubenstein, Jeffrey H.


Important Dates 

Action Items

  1. JohnP will send out an email for Call for Nominations for the Chair/Vice Chair elections.