6:00 – PIZZA and Social

  • Jimmy John's sandwiches served

6:30 – Adoption of Agenda

  • The meeting started at 6:46 PM.

6:35 – Approval of previous minutes

  • November minutes approved.

6:40 – Action Items:

  • Senior Member Elevation - John Prohodsky to send an email will be sent Thursday.
  • Intel volunteering program - Section leadership who works at Intel to send their submitted hours to the Section for Intel donation disbursement.
  • SusTech emergency funds - Russ to request transfer to SusTech on behalf of the Region 6. 

6:50 – Discussion Items

  • SusTech requests an advance/loan of $3000 to be repaid from conference proceeds. This is to cover Region 6’s portion of SusTech’s seed money which is, in addition, the Oregon Section’s seed money. Ed Perkins made a motion “The Oregon Section to loan SusTech $3000.” Russ Mickiewicz seconds the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

  • The Oregonian Section will transfer funds budgeted for chapters to chapter concentration banking accounts. It is assumed that chapters will meet MGA requirements for meetings. Paulo discussed MGA requirements for chapter and student branch rebates from MGA. Chapters and Student Branches must report meetings by the 3rd week in February to get rebates. Changes in chapter officers must be reported ASAP.

  • Intel rebates $10 for each hour of volunteer work by their employees and retirees. This includes travel to/from meetings, meeting preparation, presentation preparation, duties as an officer, meeting, and conference organizing time. Intel disburses volunteer rebates in a lump sum to the Section. In order for chapters to get their Intel volunteer rebate, they must track volunteer hours and report them to the Treasurer so the funds can be disbursed properly.

7:00 – Reports

  • Chair's Report (Paulo Vasconcelos)
    • Region 6 OpCom is February 7-9 at the Embassy Suites North/LAX, 9801 Airport Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90045.

    • The spring NW Area meeting will be in Richmond, WA.

    • Presented projection of chapter rebates based upon chapters reporting meetings.
  • Treasurer's Report (Russ Mickiewicz)
    • We are doing quite well financially, we have over $80,000 in the bank.
  • YoPro (Jian Guo)
    • Young Professionals is having a Bowling Night on January 31st at Big Al’s in Beaverton. You can register online at the Oregon Section website.
  • SAC (Matt Harrison)
    • None.
  • Women in Engineering - Pair with TEMS Workshops
    • WIE - book club is going strong. The next meeting is February 6th, the first Thursday of the month. Meeting information is on the Section website WIE is sponsoring an hour of code held at World of Speed in conjunction with Engineering Week
  • Senior Member Elevation (John Prohodsky)
    • The section has 310 senior members.

7:45 – Tonight's Focus (Information Items)

  • December Computer Society chapter meeting was on Identifying Threats. 52 attended.
  • OIT Wilsonville Student Branch presentation - Technical difficulties presented presentation from being seen. The presentation will be included in the minutes. The presentation summarized past student branch activities and their future plans. OIT SB received an award for doing an excellent job.

8:00 – Old Business / New Business

  • None.

8:20 – Future Focus
Feb: No ExComm - Replaced with Chapter Chairs Dinner in celebration of Engineers Week. Invitation to be sent.
Mar: PSU
Apr: TBD

8:30 – Adjournment

Attendees:  Paulo Vasconcelos (Chair), Justin Wagner (Vice-Chair), Russ Mickiewicz (Treasurer),  Heidi DeGarmo (Secretary), Jian Guo (YP Chair), Rick Smith (PACE Chair), John Prohodsky (Senior Member Coordinator),  Ed Epp (RAS Chair), Ed Perkins (Nanotechnology Council), Michael Bates (CS Vice-Chair), Cody Gaither (OIT SB), David Hammond (OIT Advisor), Thomas Bridges (OIT Vice-Chair), Rebecca Burfitt (OIT SB), Max Schmidt (OIT SB Treasurer), Ryan Schofield (OIT SB), Patrick Cornwall (OIT SB), Icek Warnecke (OIT SB Chair), Wilson Connor (OIT SB).

WebEx: Diwakar Agarwal, (Membership Coordinator), Eve Klopf (WIE Chair), Tugrul Daim (TEMS Chair), Jinsub Kim (SP Chair), Sohrab Aftabjahani (CS Chair), Daniel Engel (Webmaster), Alex Higgins (PSU SB Chair).