1. 6:00 – PIZZA and Social

    • Five pizzas and 2 sodas were enough for attendees.
  2. 6:30 – Chair's Report (Paulo Vasconcelos) - The Section endorses/co-sponsors the following conferences/events and welcomes volunteers to represent the Section there.

    • PNW Leadership Summit - YPs and Students – July 13th weekend - Seattle, WA

      • Approved $500 matching funds in conjunction with Region 6, Seattle and Vancouver sections.
      • Potential 5 spots, Jay and Sid are going.
    • WIE International Leadership Summit – July 30th, with welcoming reception on July 29th - Richland, WA

      • Heidi and Astha going to represent the Section.
    • EVO - Evolution of You (former Future Leaders Forum) – August 2 - 3, Pittsburgh, PA

      • Paulo going to represent the Section, others are welcome.
    • PICMET – August 25 - 29, Portland, OR

      • Tugrul has students volunteering and helping with events.
    • Rising Stars 2020 – Las Vegas, NV

      • A conference designed especially for students and YPs.
    • SusTech – April, 23rd, 2020 – Long Beach, CA

      • John Prohodsky and Rick Smith volunteered to be on the planning SusTech planning committee with Ed Perkins.

    • GHTC – April 26th, 2019 - Seattle, WA

    • Section to look for opportunities to create a sponsored local, single day, one track event to bring the industry together.

    • Summer Social - August 10th, the Section reserved the entire boat.
      • Rick has the flyer for Intel promotion ready, will wait a couple of weeks to allow more ExCom folks to register before opening to all members.
    • Awards banquet - Winter Social
  3. 6:40 – Treasurer's Report (Russ Mickiewicz)

    • Section balance is around $85k
    • Section owes a couple of reimbursements, one may be a student. Russ will prioritize theirs. Others, please email him.
    • $2500 expense report from OSU ITherm approved and ok to pay.
    • Matt informed a couple of students have their expense reports approved, will send to Russ.
  4. 6:50 – Senior Member Elevation (John Prohodsky)

    • Eve and Paulo considering an application.
    • John to send an email on Friday, the 14th to invite Section senior members to provide references.
    • Alex (PSU SB Chair) looking for senior/fellow members willing to talk about their experience with IEEE to students. John to provide a list to Alex. Maybe bring Distinguished Lecturers as well.
    • The section should call out Senior Members in our events.
  5. 7:00 – YoPro (Jay Guo) / SAC Report (Matt Harrison) / WIE (Eve Klopf)

    • YoPro -
      • Sid is part of the Rising Star 2020 planning committee
      • Jay and Sid are scheduled to attend the PNW Leadership Summit and should report back on September ExCom with actionable items for YP.
    • SAC - 

      • Potential new student branch chapter for Education Society. Brandon Jeong introduced ATEN (especially for LEAFS). Matt to connect with Branimir. Eve suggested the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) as well.
      • OSU to post on LinkedIn regarding their experience and present about ITherm at the October meeting that should happen in Corvallis.
    • Women in Engineering

      • Heidi and Astha are scheduled to attend the WIE International Leadership Sumit
  6. 7:30 – Tonight's Focus

    • None
  7. 8:00 Section Updates (Max 5 minutes per section)

    • RAS meeting - David Gonzales moving by a month. ROS second version - Matt Hanson - Intel labs. Open manipulator - turtle bots

    • Computer Society - Sohrab collected signatures to reactivate CS. Will send information to Paulo so that the Section can send an official letter of support. Paulo V. motions to approve CS Chapter reestablishment, Rick S. seconds, all in favor, motion carries. CS endorses 4th International Verification and Security Workshop (IVSW) - Keynote Speaker - 5:30 PM - open to all IEEE members. Mike is appointed Interim Vice-Chair.

    • TEMS - PICMET preparations are underway, Tugrul has students helping with conference. No volunteers needed at this time.
    • SCS had their Distinguished Lecturer event.
  8. Future Focus

    Jul: no meeting (summer break)

    Ago: Summer Social on August 10th

    Sep: TBD

Attendees:  Paulo Vasconcelos (Chair), Jian Guo (YP Chair), Rick Smith (PACE Chair), John Prohodsky (Senior Member Coordinator), Ed Epp (RAS Chair), Stephen Johnston (PSU HKN Chair), Alex Higgins (PSU SB Chair), Jeff Roman (PSU SB Treasurer).

WebEx: Justin Wagner (Vice-Chair), Russ Mickiewicz (Treasurer), Eve Klopf (WIE Chair), Matt Harrison (SAC Chair), Carmelle Munoz (PES Chair), Jinsub Kim (SPS Chair), Tugrul Daim (TEM Chair), Sohrab Aftabjahani (CS Chair), Brandon Jeong.


Important Dates 

Action Items