1. 6:00 – PIZZA and Social
    • 5 pizzas and 5 sodas were served to attendees
  2. 6:30 – Adoption of Agenda
  3. 6:35 – Approval of previous minutes
  4. 6:40 – Action Items 
  5. 6:50 – Discussion Items
  6. 7:00 – Reports
    • Chair's Report (Paulo Vasconcelos)
      • Yearly calendar -
        GHTC: Oct 17th - 20th Seattle, WA
        NW Area Meeting: Oct 19th Seattle, WA
        HKN Student Leadership Conference: Nov 1st -3rd Boston, MA
        Rising Stars: Jan 3rd Las Vegas, NV
        SusTech: April 23rd Santa Ana, CA
      • Awards banquet - Winter Social
    • Vice Chair's Report (Justin Wagner)  
      • Welcomes attendees and introductions of ExCom and students
      • Welcomes volunteers to represent the Section at events
    • Treasurer's Report (Russ Mickiewicz)
      • Review of 2020 Budget Proposal
    • Senior Member Elevation (John Prohodsky)
  7. 7:45 – Tonight's Focus 
    • Student Branch- OSU
    • Closed the Webex bridge and went to Mechanical Engineering Lab for student led overclocking demonstration 
  8. 8:20 – Future Focus
    Nov: ExCom Meeting will be remote
    Dec: Winter Social - Section Awards 2019 
  9. 8:30 – Adjournment

Attendees: Paulo Vasconcelos (Chair), Justin Wagner (Vice-Chair), Russ Mickiewicz (Treasurer), Heidi DeGarmo (Secretary), John Prohodsky (Senior Member Coordinator), Ed Perkins (Nanotechnology Council Secretary & CAS/EPS Chapter), Michael Bates (Computer Society), Matt Harrison (SAC Chair), Joshua Gess (OSU Student Advisor), Rachel McAfee(OSU Student Chair)

WebEx: Jian Guo (YP Chair), Eve Klopf (WIE Chair), Daniel Goodrich, Carmelle Munoz (PES Chair), Rick Smith (PACE Chair), Ed Epp (RAS), 

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