6:00 – Refreshments and Social (Virtual during COVID-19)

6:30 – Adoption of Agenda

6:35 – Approval of previous minutes

6:40 – Reports: 

    • Chair's Report (Paulo Vasconcelos) - Oregon Section meeting its retention goals for the 2020 membership year
    • Treasurer's Report (Lee Oien) - Travel advisory/Concur travel reimbursement application
    • Secretary Report (Heidi DeGarmo) - All Attendance Reports are filed
    • YoPro (Jay Guo) / SAC Report (Ugonna Chikezie) / WIE (Eve Klopf

7:25 – Action Items: Elections Committee

7:35 – Discussion Items: Volunteering Platform 3 benefits: Propel career as a technical expert, great platform for volunteers who do not regularly come to meetings, great way to recruit reliable volunteers as they are reviewed by peers on the website

7:45 – Tonight's Focus: Student Chapter PSU Alex Higgins Presenting

8:00 – Old Business / New Business

8:20 – Future Focus: Daniel Goodrich - Winter Social and Awards

8:30 – Adjournment


Attendees (WebEx):  Paulo Vasconcelos (Chair), Justin Wagner (Vice-Chair), Lee Oien (Treasurer), Heidi DeGarmo (Secretary), Rick Smith (PACE Chair), Daniel Goodrich (Awards and Events Coordinator), Ed Epp (RAS Chair), Ed Perkins (Nanotechnology Council), Sohrab Aftabjahani (CS Chair), Michael Bates (CS Vice-Chair), Jian Guo (YP Chair), Ugonna Chikezie (SAC Chair), Alex Higgins (PSU SB Chair), John Prohodsky, Richard Dorrance, Russ Mickiewicz, Diwakar Agarwal, Alex K, Brano, Hader

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