6:15     Secretary starts meeting and notes attendees

6:30     Chair calls the meeting to order

6:35     Approval of Past Minutes and status of previous action items

            Adoption of Agenda

6:40     Chair’s Report   Chair not present.

6:45     Vice-Chair’s Report  Vice Chair not present.

6:50     Treasurer’s Report;

6:55     Secretary’s Report; Summer Social August 7th 7pm  Action:  Dan to ask Diwakar if he is sending out his monthly e-mail.

7:00     Chapter Reports (5 minutes Each)

        WIE/Heidi:  Meeting tonight, “Working in Public”, then “Atomic Habits”  The meetings are scheduled in vTools.  They use Meetup.

        Solid State Circuits Society/Richard D.  April 28th joint meeting.  Next presentation is June 24th  UCSD, more details coming in vTools.   

Signal Processing Society/Jinsub: Met April 23rd, 12 attendees.  No meeting scheduled yet, but they are looking for speakers.

        Nanotech/Ed Perkins:  Nothing scheduled right now.  Same for EPS.  Regarding SUSTECH, vTools does not allow registrations that require payment, but Boise was able to do it.   Perhaps the Webmaster knows.

Professional Activities/Rick Smith:  Last week was STEM week.  Be sure to log any volunteer hours.

        Computer Society/Sohrab: Technical Session April 29th, about 25 attendees.  He is struggling to get announcements for meetings out to a wider audience, especially from other sections such as Seattle or the national Computer Society web site.

        PES:  Next meeting May 18th, then off for summer.  Action—David to address financial registration so that we can get funding.

        RAS/Ed:   Found a contact Dawn Schwartz regarding pre-university STEM work and the Tech Challenge Machine Learning seminars.

Next week is the fourth build for turtlebot, six people actively involved.  Next meeting on sharing images back and forth.

Comsoc/Russ:  Met April 29th on wireless from a person from Intel.  Nothing scheduled yet.  

7:35     Focus Presentation:   Not tonight.  No volunteers for next month yet.

7:50     New Business

        Congressional Visits Day, Jeff Drummond, Ed Perkins, an OSU Professor, and Brian Berg.  They talked to Wyden (privacy and cybersecurity), Merkely, Bon Amici, DeFazio, Cliff Bents.  “Endless frontier act”, will rename NSF to the NSTF (T for Technology).  Another act, AB-5 in California regarding gig workers, consultants and contractors.


Sohrab asked about giving a gift card or equivalent to guest speakers.  You can purchase a gift (for example from the Oregon Store).  Set up a Concur IEEE account (not the same name as your work) and the section can reimburse you.

7:55     Reading of Action Items 

7:58     Next Meeting June 8th

8:00     Adjourn  Adjourned at 7:15pm