6:15     Secretary starts meeting and notes attendees

6:30     Chair calls the meeting to order

6:35     Approval of Past Minutes and status of previous action items

            Adoption of Agenda

6:40     Chair’s Report:  Nothing to report, no communications from Region 6 

6:45     Vice-Chair’s Report  Not present.

6:50     Treasurer’s Report; Balance:  $112,500.  Are switching over to the NextGen finance.  Lee has control of the account.  John P.  signed up yesterday. 

        NextGen Finance for all Chairs and Treasurers.  E-mail sent

                Session 1:  June 9th at 0500 or June 16th at 1500 PPT

                Session 2:  June 9th at 1500 or June 17th at 0500

                Session 3:  June 10th at 0700 or June 22nd at 0500

        Action:  All Chapter Chairs and Treasures are expected to attend.

6:55     Secretary’s Report; Summer Social August 7th 7pm.  Confirmed—remaining cost to the Section is $1,550 due July 27th.  Is $10 per person, and $20 for up to a family of 4 ok?  That gets you a ticket and a voucher for Hamburger or hot dog, chips and a drink or vegetarian equivalent.  I will set up the vTools registration, though I may need help—Ed, any word on whether that’s working now?

Action:   Web site Passwords:  Dan Engel sent the instructions to Dan G.

 Action:  Dan to ask Diwakar if he is sending out his monthly e-mail.  Complete

7:00     Chapter Reports (5 minutes Each)

        WIE:  Not present

        Solid State Circuits:  Not present

Signal Processing Society:  Not present

        Nanotech:  No updates. 

Professional Activities:  Rick Smith:  Nothing to report.

        Computer Society: Sohrab Aftabjahani:  Two meetings planned in the summer.

        PES:  Action—David to address financial registration so that we can get funding.  Status David or Lee?  Per Lee, once the NexGen accounting is complete, then the $590 will be transferred to the Chapter, as well as the annual $250.  Action:  Lee anticipates this will happen within 2 weeks or so.

        RAS: Ed Epp: 

Comsoc:  Not Present.

Student Activities:  Ugonna Chikezie:  Nothing to report.  Rick Smith asked about reimbursing students for the Rising Stars.  Per Lee, we did send one check for $50.  Are there more?

Webmaster Daniel Engel:  Annual GoDaddy fee $300 is due the first week in July.  Action:  Lee and Daniel will work together on this; Daniel will e-mail Lee.

7:35     Focus Presentation:   Not tonight. 

7:50     New Business

                TEMS Chapter sponsorship PICMET of 1% has been approved by John P.

                Action:  John will reach out to Oregon Section Chapters to discuss increased engagement, and will contact the Region as well.  With online meetings, it allows for us to have joint meetings with other Sections.

7:55     Reading of Action Items 

7:58     Next Meeting July 13th  

8:00     Adjourn  Adjourned at 7:40pm



Attendees:  Daniel Goodrich, Daniel Engel, Ed Epp, Lee Oien, David Silver, Sohrab Aftabjahani, Ugonna Chikezie, John Prohodsky, Rick Smith.