The IEEE Oregon Section kicked off the celebrations for Engineers' Week with their 2020 Chapter Chairs Dinner Celebration. It was an opportunity for the leadership to talk about the reason they became engineers and receive a little token of appreciation for their volunteer work, an IEEE Loyalty pin. Some members have been with IEEE for 5+ years (Paulo Vasconcelos, Daniel Engel, and Richard Dorrance) to 40+ years (Dr. Edward Epp and Ed Perkins). An honorable mention was made to the Section Secretary, Heidi DeGarmo, who was very involved with IEEE since she was a student but stepped up as a leadership volunteer last year — also celebrating Alex Higgins, Rick Smith, Terry Lang, Diwakar Agarwal, Tugrul Daim, Ph.D., PMP, PICMET Fellow, Justin Wagner, Sohrab Aftabjahani, Ph.D., and Russ Mickiewicz. Thank you, Daniel Goodrich, for organizing it and Denise Maestri for making the pins available in time for the event. #engineersweek