IEEE Oregon Section ExCom Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2021

6:30 Introductions and Adoption of Agenda Approved
6:33 Approval of previous minutes
6:35 Reports: 

Election Committee Report—John Prohodsky. Lee has offered to continue to serve as
Treasurer. Daniel Goodrich self-nominated for the Secretary role. John P. and Ed P. offered
to serve temporarily in a role. Justin W. will remain as Vice-Chair until we find a replacement.
Daniel and Lee were nominated and elected at this meeting. John Prohodsky was nominated
and elected (temporarily) as the Chair of the Section. We will meet the first week of February
as officers, prior to the next ExCom.
Action: Everyone think of someone who might be willing to permanently serve as Chair and

Secretary Report—Daniel Goodrich (also will give Summer Social Report). We paid about
$800 deposit last year. The consensus was to see a Gherkins game Saturday, August 7 th at
7pm. Daniel G will contact them and reserve that date.

Treasurer Report (Lee Oien) $113k in bank account. Action: Has a budget for 2021 been
approved? John P. will contact Lee.

SAC Report (Ugonna Chikezie)  Ugonna will be using some funds for the Rising Stars conference.

 WIE (Eve Klopf) Origins: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution by Neil Degrasse
Tyson will be the next book for discussion. February 4 th at 6:00pm.

Conference Chair, Nanotechnology (Ed Perkins)

1. SUSTEC is April 22-24, (hosted by Orange County CA).
2. The Regional Meeting (?).
3. The APS meeting will be January 21 st at 6pm on Flexible Hybrid Electronics. For
the Webex, contact the Secretary.

 RAS Volunteer (Ed Epp):

1. We are sponsoring a robot build (open source)

Signal Processing (Jinsub Kim)
COMSOC (Pradeep)

1. Pradeep showed the ComSoc web site, newly updated using WordPress at
2. There are also Linkedin and Facebook groups as well.

Webmaster: Daniel Engel
PACE Chair (Rick Smith)

Computer Society (Sohrab Aftabjahani): Pradeep assisted with election of officers.

7:00 Discussion Items: Ed Epp: Volunteer student work, is it an employment or contractual
relationship? Liability issue? Can Ed give him a “start date”? Per Lee, we do not certify volunteer
hours at the Section level. No action from the Section at this time.

7:20 New Business Report Intel volunteer hours—they are due February 14 th .


7:30 Future Focus Action: Everyone think of someone that can present at the next ExCom.
7:44 Next Meeting February 9 th , 2021

7:45 Adjournment Adjourned at 7:50pm

Attendees: Ed Epp, Ed Perkins, Daniel Goodrich, Eve Klopf, Lee Oien,
Russ Mickiewicz, Pradeep Kumar, David Silver, Sohrab Aftabjahani,
Jinsub Kim, Rick Smith, Daniel Engel


Notes by Daniel Goodrich, Secretary