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2 meetings

IEEE Oregon Section WIE Book Club Meeting
July 27th
6:00 PM (2 hours)
Meet Online



Women in Engineering read 6 books a year. Each title is given a two-month period in which to complete the manuscript. The WIE members meet online monthly to discuss and enjoy each other's perspectives. This book club event will be in collaboration with the Women Who Code Book Club. 









IEEE Oregon Section SUMMER SOCIAL FIRST GET-TOGETHER SINCE 2019--Rented Tents at Portland Gherkins (Pickles) Baseball
August 7th
6:45 PM (2.2 hours)
Walker Stadium
Admission fee may apply

We rented a special outdoor section at the stadium under tents just for us to socialize, enjoy a hot dog (or vegetarian equivalent), chips and a drink, and if you're a sports fan, to watch the Portland Gherkins take on the Rosebuds.  This is our first chance to meet in person, so even if you're not into baseball, there will be plenty of room to chat and catch up.  An e-mail will be sent to all registrants with details about when you can arrive as well as if masks are required.  per person, or for a family of up to four.

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