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Live from Faraday’s Lab!: An Intuitive and Historical Perspective on Electromagnetism
May 24th
9:00 AM (1 hour)

This webinar will be broadcast directly from Michael Faraday’s at the Royal Institution in London. This is the laboratory where Faraday invented the first electric motor, the first electric generator, the faraday cage, Faraday’s law of induction and his magnetic lines of force, which led (in part) Maxwell to his famous equations. Dr. Ricketts will recreate Faraday’s original experiments to not only share the history, but also the natural intuition that Faraday had, and most importantly, how you can use the Faraday approach to better understand the dynamics and effects of electromagnetism yourself. In the spirit of Faraday, this lecture will have no equations, no slides, only a close view on the experiments and understanding that changed our world. Through the lecture, you will also learn how to re-create many of the experiments, including how to make a Faraday motor at home! Join Dr. Ricketts and Michael Faraday (in spirit) at the place where it all began, the Royal Institution, for this special IEEE MTT webinar.

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