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IEEE CS Webinar: IEEE Oregon Section Technical Seminar - The Rise of Confidential Computing in Regulated Industries
August 13th
7:00 PM (1 hour)
Online Meeting



The increased adoption of cloud technologies in the recent years in combination with privacy concerns are fueling the development of techniques and technologies to protect the integrity and privacy of the data while in use. However, Confidential Computing is just in the early days. Still, it is already showing that it can be applied not only as an enabler to assure compliance for regulated industries but also tackle very hard problems such as, privacy-preserving multi-party machine learning that is necessary for fraud prevention, anti-money laundering to cancer research.

In this webinar, you will learn about the principle techniques and technologies being used in confidential computing, some of the practical challenges to incorporate these capabilities into an already established CI/CD pipeline, the rise of the concept of DevSec[Compliance]Ops and how Confidential Computing is being adopted and promising use cases.

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