Do you want to solicit volunteers from the IEEE Oregon Section?  Please contact a section officer with details about your opportunity.


The IEEE Oregon Section is accepting nominations for multiple volunteer positions at the ExComm (Executive Committee) level. This is for the remainder of the term of office which ends on December 31st, 2020, or longer.

No previous experience required, training and shadowing current officers are available for some positions. It is expected some level of commitment and in-person/online attendance to the ExCom meetings (2nd Tuesday of the month).

If interested, write a brief paragraph on how, as an officer, you could contribute to the operations of the Oregon Section. By volunteering in the positions below, you are already creating value and giving back to our members. Nominations are open until fulfillment.

Positions are:

  • Membership Development Coordinator - this is a key role in ensuring the future growth of IEEE and its members through the coordination, promotion, and monitoring of appropriate and effective membership development programs at the Section level. Learn more about this position at the Membership Development Website.
  • Student Activities Committee (SAC) Chair - this position is the liaison between students from the (6) Oregon Student Branches and the Section. It is ideal for graduate students who want to become more active in the IEEE Section statewide, with good opportunities to represent the Section at other national and international events. Learn more about The IEEE Student Activities Committee (SAC).
  • Section Student Representative - this position represents all other students in Oregon as a voting member of the Section ExComm. These volunteer members are students. As part of SAC, they also advise the Section on initiatives and events that students want to see and do.
  • Pre-College Activities (PCA) Chair - to facilitate and support outreach to high-school students between the ages of 12-18 and their teachers.
  • Events Coordinator - to take care of events logistics in coordination with other members. Examples of events are the Section's Chapter Chair's Dinner, Summer Social, and Winter Awards Dinner.
  • Social Media Coordinator (Newsletter Coordinator) - to maintain the Oregon Section social media presence updating information on YP Meet-upLinkedInFacebookTwitter, and our Section Highlights. This can be a complete virtual position managed from your home. Great for social media savvy members or students in communication technology majors.

If you can't commit to a position or have another idea on how to help, let us know. There are many opportunities for smaller tasks and commitment to individual events.

For additional information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..