Regular and special events occur during the course of the Oregon Section's calendar year.  This document contains all known regular events and planning tips for special events.

Regular Meetings

ORCnet (CN) - 1st Thursday every month, Beaverton IHOP

WIE Book Club - 1st Thursday every month, online.

Section ExComm - 2nd Tuesday every month at PSU - Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science. 

PES - 3rd Tuesday of every month





  • Rising Stars (3 - 5th, 2020 - Tropicana Las Vegas)
  • ExComm Meeting at OIT - Wilsonville (Jan14th, 2020)
  • TEMS Workshop paired with PACE (canceled)
  • YP Winter Bowling Night Networking (Jan 31st, 2020)


  • Region 6 OpCom (7 - 9th, 2020 - LAX Embassy Suites)
  • No formal ExComm.
  • Chapter Chairs Dinner in celebration of Engineer's Week (11th, 2020 - invitation only)
  • Multiple events in celebration of Engineer's Week 2020 and ISEF Science Fairs.
    • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream with OSU Overclocking (February 18th, 2020 - OSU Corvallis)
    • Aardvark Science Expo (21st, 2020 - Sports & Recreation Center)
    • Overclock 'till You Drop Graf Hall (21st, 2020 - OSU Corvallis)
    • World of Speed Makers Fair World of Speed (22nd, 2020 - Wilsonville)
    • Beaverton-Hillsboro Science Expo (28th, 2020 - Intel's Jones Farm Conference Center)
    • Central Western Oregon Science Expo (CWOSE) - (29th, 2020  - Willamette University)
  • Annual financial reports due by the last day of February in order to be eligible for the dues rebates.
    • Secretary and Treasurer to verify that all required reports have been submitted on time, including all Chapters, and Affinity Groups reporting.
    • Chapters, Joint Chapters, and Affinity Groups shall hold not less than two (2) technical meetings/events a year to receive MGA rebates ($200).
    • Timeliness bonus, a 10% bonus ($20) of the total rebate, is awarded to all OUs whose reports (financial, meetings, and officers) are submitted by the 3rd Friday in February. Activity bonuses are not included in the calculation.
    • The activity bonus ($75) is additional, only if the Chapters reported 6+ technical events in the prior year.


  • TEMS Workshop paired with PACE (6th, 2020)
  • ISEF Science Fairs (NWSE Fair Awards - Volunteer judges needed)
    • COCC Regional Science Expo - (6th, 2020 - Central Oregon Community College in Bend)
    • CREST - Jane Goodall Science Symposium  (9th, 2020 - West Linn High School)
    • GBSE & PPSSE Expos - March 13th, 2020 (Gresham High School)
  • ExComm Meeting at PSU (10th, 2020)
  • OUs annual officer and meeting report official deadline by 15 March (The Section encourages to submit by Feb deadline).


  • IEEE NWA Meeting - 04/18/2020 (Location: Online)
  • YP Spring ZipLining Networking (Canceled)
  • SusTech (23 - 25th, 2020 - Online)


  • ExComm meeting at Oregon Tech - Klamath Falls (Online)
  • TEMS Workshop paired with PACE (Postponed)
  • Student Graduation Dinner for OSU, UP. (Postponed to October)


  • WIE ILC (Multiple dates online)
  • Student Graduation Dinner for OIT, PSU (Postponed due to COVID-19).
  • Elections Committee (2021)


  • Summer break - no ExComm meeting


  • Virtual Summer Social (7th, 2020)
  • Sections Congress (Cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • YP PNW Leadership Summit (Cancelled due to COVID-19)


  • ExComm Meeting at UP - Portland (Cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • YP Hiking (Cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • TEMS Workshop paired with PACE (Cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • NE/NW Areas meeting (19th, 2020 - Online)


  • IEEE Day (6th, 2020)
  • NEDME - (Canceled due to COVID-19)
  • ExComm Meeting at OSU - Corvallis (Virtual due to COVID-19)
  • YP Fall Golf Network
  • GHTC (29th)


  • GHTC (01st)
  • ExComm at PSU (Virtual due to COVID-19)
  • Budget review/approval for next year


  • Annual Winter Social - Awards Dinner