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Richard Dorrance

Rick Smith

Sohrab Aftabjahani

Jinsub Kim

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Updates from the team

  • Solid State Circuit Chapter -
  • Robotics
    • Working with Silicon Valley
    • Benson HS. Getting students up and running with Java and Android tools. See what kind of approach is reasonable for freshman and sophomore students. Actually going at a slower pace than HS students. Meeting once a week, and getting feedback from the students.
  • Signal Processing:  Working on workshop proposal


  • Sustech Conference last week
    • Ed's Update
    • 170+ attendees
      • Paul Worbose - Hydrogen Sulfite gas (from Ocean) that will kill everyone. Planet Positive 2030.
    • Rick's Update
      • Student Posters - world wide attendees
      • Whova
    • August 6 - Portland Pickles