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2 meetings

Oregon CAS/CPMT & SMTA Oregon - Microelectronic Systems for Improved Quality of Life
June 1st
6:00 PM (2 hours)
PCC Willow Creek Center

IEEE Oregon Joint CPMT/CAS Chapter

(in cooperation with SMTA, IMAPS, IPC & EMA)

Topic: Microelectronic Systems for Improved Quality of Life

Speaker: Julius Georgiou, University of Cyprus, Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Circuit and Systems Society

Date: Thursday, June 1st, 2017, 6.00–8.00pm

Location: PCC Willow Creek Center, Room 311

241 SW Edgeway Drive (near SW 185th and Baseline Road) Beaverton, OR 97006

(seminar room sponsored by the PSU ECE department)



Dexter Robot Arm Tutorial
June 19th
6:30 PM (2 hours)
Axiom Electronics

Dexter is an open source robot arm with and 1 kg payload capacity and 0.05mm reputability independent of load. At the heart of the arm is an FPGA module that runs a real time physics engine, real time kinematics and operates at 276 GMACS. It eliminates the need for controller racks that are part of other high precision, high performance arms.

The core topic will be how to build and control the Dexter Arm. Furthermore, an advantage of having the Haddington Dynamics team on site is that you can learn from their considerable experience. Ask them about:

  • The design tradeoffs they encountered and how they overcame them.
  • How they leveraged a deep understanding of advanced FPGA programming to realize precision placement and repeatability when controlling 3D printed parts.
  • Strategies to manage Kickstarter projects. Haddington Dynamics reached its $100,000 Kickstarter goal and is currently refining Dexter’s rollout.
  • and other questions that come to your mind that may help you manage your own projects.

This presentation is sponsored by Axiom Electronics. Pizza will be provided.


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