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2 meetings

HOLIDAY - NO MEETING - Oregon IEEE Consultants' Monthly Meeting
July 4th
6:00 PM (0 minute)

No Host dinner and meeting. REGISTRATION NOT REQUIRED.

Technology Management in Portland Software Companies
July 12th
6:00 PM (1.5 hours)
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

Technology is pervasive, from food tech to clean tech, from information tech to financial tech. Computers and software are at the heart of what fuels technology in all areas, whether it is in the final product as in an intelligent assistant with speakers, used in the development of hardware items such as computer aided design software for automotive and aerospace vehicles, or used to research a biological product such as a new genetically modified food. This panel will look at strategically managing software technology from birth to seed round through Venture Capital to IPO to merger/acquisition. Come listen as these Portland technology luminaries provide answers to your questions and more.

Panel Participants:


Jay Haladay, former Founder and CEO of ViewPoint Construction Software. Sold to Bain Capital in 2014.

Serge Leef, VP New Ventures at Mentor. Recently acquired by Siemens.

Scott Roth, CEO of Jama Software. Venture and Angel backed with Series C completed in 2015. $33 million raised to date according to Crunchbase.

1-2 More participants not yet confirmed.


Moderator: Paul Menig, CEO of Tech-I-M Business Accelerants™

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